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Kinepod EN

For whom?

Who could be interested in a kinepodic assessment?

Kinepody is aimed at anyone who may be suffering an imbalance in their body. Kinepodic assessments are designed for children, adults and senior citizens, whatever their physical condition, whether they lead an active or sedentary life. The best “preventative” and “curative” examination:

For children: from the age of 4, it is recommended you have a kinepodic examination performed every year in order to detected the apparition of joint deformations (scoliosis, flat feet,…) as soon as possible. The kinepodic examination can be performed before the age of 4 if the child has an unusual fall. Thanks to this voluntary examination, preventative treatment can be provided to each child.

For teenagers: it is recommended that the kinepodic examination is conducted every six months during major growth spurts. It is during this time of life that the body is likely to suffer the greatest changes.

 For adults: the same applies to children. It is recommended that a kinepodic examination be performed every year in order to check that no disruption has arose in the body. Do not wait for pain to appear before you decide to have a kinepodic examination. Wear may already have set in. The kinepodic examination enables a suitable treatment to be adapted to relieve and prevent pains in your body.

 For athletes: the kinepodic examination is essential to correct mechanical defects that are likely to reduce sporting performance and lead to physical injuries.


 For seniors: the kinepodic examination makes it possible to counteract postural and dynamic anomalies linked to the body’s aging process. This voluntary examination makes it possible to avoid losses of balance and unexpected falls which can often cause fractures (e.g.: fracture of the femoral).