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Speech Specialist

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Maxillofacial Training in postural and dynamic (OTTE Method)
Rehabilitation of the mouth in dynamic, … all the difference.

The laboratory Kinepod proposes to the speech specialists

A range of Active Buccal Orthotic suitable for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation: Active buccal orthotic “adult” (from 12 years), Active Buccal orthotic “junior” (5 to 12 years) and Active pacifier (2 to 5 years).

A rehabilitation method of Maxillofacial in postural and dynamic (OTTE Method)
Active Orthotics are essential in speech therapy because they allow an improvement and a functional strengthen rehabilitation of the maxillofacial. Thus, coordination and gestures of language are facilitated.

Training content:

– Actions and Effects of ATMs and maxillo-facial muscles on posture and body dynamics.
– Rehabilitation of the jaw disorders (actively and passively)
– Proprioceptive therapy based on manipulation of the human body in its natural stage of postural dynamics tension.
– Research of mechanical causes in postural and dynamic that disrupt the body homeostasis
– Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial and stimulation by active therapeutic tools (active buccal orthotics)
– Interactions of ATMs with the other proprioceptive postural dynamics entries.


Orthodontic prevention
– The functions of the peri-oral soft tissues:
* positioning of the tongue and swallowing
orofacial muscles

– The role and use of the active pacifier (TBA)
Rehabilitation of Maxillofacial and posture

-Impact of TMJ on posture
Disorders of TMJ


– Exam of mastication and mandibular dynamics
– Palpation of the masticatory
– Postural and dynamic tests
– Use of Active Pacifier (TBA) and Active Buccal Pacifer (OBA)
– Interactions of other proprioceptive posturo-dynamics inputs on the masticatory device

The training session is interactive, oriented enough to allow you the use of tools in your firm.
A multi-disciplinary approach with the different clinic kinépod is possible and achievable.


Christophe Otte: Physiotherapist, osteopath, orthopedist, podiatrist, orthokinésist-kinépodist.
Olivier Otte: Doctor dentist specializing in orthodontics and functional posturology.
Yannick Sachet: osteopath, orthokinésiste-kinépodiste