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The active ocular board


For better eyes!


The active ocular board is used to rehabilitate the eyes muscles. It strengthens and reduces the fatigue suffered by the eyes. It should be noted, that insufficiencies in the ocular muscles happen frequently and that this may cause postural problems. Thanks to this board, it has become easy to rehabilitate the eyes’ muscles and proprioception, and thus, to eliminate postural problems linked to oculomotor insufficiencies. This board is an essential tool for perfect orthoptic rehabilitation.


Active Eye Board




  • Combat ocular fatigue.
  • Strengthen the oculomotor muscles.
  • Rehabilitate the coordination of the oculomotor muscles.
  • Enhance the oculomotor proprioception.
  • Act on the posture in descending chain



The active ocular board is place facing the patient’s nose, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the desired muscular work.

Postural action in descending chain.