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Anti-Shock Postural insole

The “Anti-Shock Postural” insole is an innovative, multi-function insole, adapted to better maintain your posture (coetaneous, proprioceptive insole) and to relieve the joints, muscles and tendons when walking or taking part in sporting activities (shock absorbing sport insole).

– Anti-shock (shock absorber).

–  Postural (coetaneous proprioception).

–  Active ventilation system (anti-humidity). Its perforated cover allows humidity to pass under the insole. Any humidity is thus absorbed and stored in the velvet under the insole.

– Adjustable by adding elements (patented concept). This option is particularly adapted to healthcare professionals who wish to modify the insole’s functioning and made it a (therapeutic) orthopedic insole.

Tips for use:

– Respect the adaptation period to wear anti-shock postural insoles. The insoles should be worn progressively when walking for two weeks, i.e. for 1 or 2 hours the first day, 2 or 3 hours the second, and so until until the 15th day. The goal is to wear them continuously.

– The insoles can be washed in soapy water but should not be exposed to heat sources (e.g.: radiator, the sun). The insoles should be dried with a towel and at room temperature.

– They are suitable for town and sports shoes.


– These insoles can be worn without socks (progressively) in order to accentuate the stimulation of the coetaneous proprioceptive receptors.

– If your insoles are slipping inside your shoes, it is recommended you use double-side, sticky-back velcro (available in all sewing shops).

– For the best results, you should replace your insoles annually.


K-Stimcut, an exclusive Kinepod innovation.