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Kinepod EN

Sport orthotic: running, jogging, running, golf, tennis, football, …

The kinepod sports orthotics, the first shock-absorbing and stimulating insole.

The Kinepod absorbing orthotics gives your feet and your whole body a total well-being.



The actions of the Kinépod orthotic:

– Stimulate the plantar dynamism and muscular proprioceptive rehabilitation foot

– Works muscles activity
Improved venous return
Pronation and supination Control

– Encourages a postural reactivity:
Strengthening and fortification of the body
Improved balance, posture and walking.

– Improves the absorption
Perfect shock absorption
Reduce stress on muscles and joints
– Ensures a preventive role:
Optimal prevention of articular usury of the feet, knees, hips and back



Rehabilitative EFFECTS:


Constituents of the Kinepod orthotics: used in aerospace materials : carbonesate and K-stimcut