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High-Tech 3D Production, the difference !

NEW: The intelligent insole… the 1st made-to-measure orthopaedic insole made by 3D thermo-injection, unbeatable precision!


Materials and industrial machines have developed a great deal over the last ten years. This is how the Kinepod Laboratory has developed the first active orthopaedic insole and the first active tibio-tarsal foot orthosis. These orthoses, subject to two patents, are made of an extremely complex material: carbonesate. This latest generation material, used in the aerospace sector, is both rigid and elastic.

Base in kinepod carbonesate (3D modelling)

 The Kinepod Laboratory uses high-tech machines to produce active orthosis insoles: machine tools (to create the moulds) and thermo-injection machines (to inject liquefied carbonesate into the mould). After cooling, the carbonesate correcting base is covered in other materials (with multiple mechanical functions), finalising the production of the so-called “intelligent” active orthosis (it is so-called because of its many functions: it can become semi-passive or passive depending on the patient’s treatment evolution).