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Active orthopaedic insole – intelligent foot orthoses

The “intelligent” foot orthosis …a unique piece of technology in the world designed to revitalize the foot and the entire body: the 1st Stimulating Shock Absorber.

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active orthopaedic insole


The Kinepod Laboratory has been awarded an innovation prize for creating and developing the first simulating shock absorber for people, the kinepod orthopaedic insole.

This dynamic foot orthosis allows the body to adapt easily to difficult terrain, to absorb the shocks caused when walking or running (on hard ground) and stimulates the feet to rehabilitate it.

This kinepod orthopaedic insole (foot orthosis), more commonly known as the “kinepodic insole” is at the cutting edge of medical technology. In only a few minutes, it can stimulate all of the muscle chains in the human body, leading to adapted muscle work, perfect motor coordination, a balanced posture and exceptional proprioceptive work in the feet. What more could you ask for to feel well in your body and in your head.

POSTURAL EFFECT (the body’s balance)

“Kinepod… a simple treatment to ensure your foundations work perfectly, regardless of your age and physical condition.”







Take pressure off of your joints thanks to Kinepod’s technology. The Kinepod dynamic insole is the first shock absorber for people.

The Kinepod shock absorbing insole absorbs the shockwave when the foot hits the ground and resituates this stored energy to propel the foot when it lifts off the ground.


The kinepod dynamic foot orthosis stimulates the foot in order to rehabilitate it.

Applications :

Maintenance Effect: joint mobility, flexibility, muscular activity, stability.

Preventative Effect: posture, pace, walking.

Performance Effect: sport and fitness, getting back in shape.

Treatment Effect: muscle, joint, ligament, tendon injuries.

OPTIONS for “tailor-made” insoles: addition of reinforcements and straps (tibio-tarsal foot orthosis). Insole and Ankle at the same time.

Are your feet failing? Is your posture off unbalanced? Does it hurt to walk or run? You won’t be disappointed by our solutions: our orthopaedic insoles and intelligent foot orthoses SPORT, CITY, COMFORT, CHILD. (These products received an innovation award in 2006).

Components of the kinepod insoles: materials recently used in the aerospace sector: carbonesate. (This material absorbs and resituates the stored energy when walking). Production by 3D thermo-injection.


The laboratory offers made-to-measure a range of orthopaedic insoles and foot orthoses (SPORT, CITY, COMFORT, CHILD) adapted to muscular and proprioceptive rehabilitation: for podology – orthopaedics, podiatry, kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics.