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The anti-snoring mouth guard (Snoring OBA)


The OBA is thus a multifunction mouth guard:

Passive use:

  • anti-bruxism
  • anti-snoring

Active use:

  • maxillofacial rehabilitation (jaws, neck and shoulders)
  • functional rehabilitation (breathing, swallowing and chewing)

After a few nights’ adaptation, you will forget your wearing it and have very restful nights. If you would like a mouth guard just to stop snoring, we recommend an OBA junior as it is less cumbersome in the mouth and just as effective.


Why do we snore?


Snoring is caused by a decrease in the diameter of the upper air passages at the back of the throat. When the muscles in the jaw and soft palate relax it limits the entry of air into the lungs, which is required to provide the body with a constant supply of O2. This difficult in obtaining air increases pressure in the throat which manifests as vibrations in the palate and the soft tissues of the pharynx, which cause the snoring sound. This is more likely to happen when sleeping because the oropharyngien muscles are completely relaxed. It should also be noted that snoring is made worse and/or more likely by being over weight or consuming alcohol (muscle relaxation).

Anti-snoring treatment

Snoring OBA (anti-snoring mouth guard)

The “Snoring OBA” mouth guard, pushes the lower jaw slightly forward, opening the airways by contracting the throat muscles and thus stops snoring. Furthermore, wearing the OBA at night combats bruxism and rehabilitates breathing because it forces you to breathe exclusively through your nose, which is important for your general health. In 80% of cases, breathing through the mouth is the result of habit since early childhood. The other 20% is due to an ORL problem (malformation of the nasal wall, enlarged tonsils,…), and postural rehabilitation.