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Welcome to the space for dentistry. Kinepod laboratory offers some training section adapted to the maxillofacial rehabilitation in postural dynamics, as well as ranges of active buccal orthotic exclusively reserved to dentistry: Active buccal orthotic for “adult” (from 12 years), Active buccal orthotic for “junior “(5 to 12 years) and Active buccal pacifier (2 to 5 years).

TRAINING Kinepod dentistry:

Dental orthokinesy

Rehabilitate the jaw movement and watch the effect of the posture.

Dental Orthokinesy training is devoted to the dynamic dental where we will try to provide you different tools about the dynamic postural that will allow you to work directly on your patients.

– Rehabilitation of disorders of the jaw movement (and / or passively)

– Proprioceptive therapy is based on manipulation of the human body in its natural state of postural dynamics tension.

– Research of mechanical causes in postural and dynamic that disrupt the body homeostasis

– Maxillofacial Rehabilitation and stimulation by active therapeutic tools (active buccal orthotic)


Orthodontic prevention

– Functions of peri-oral soft tissue: breathing

– Position of the tongue and swallowing

– Oro-facial muscle

– Role and use of the Active buccal pacifier. (TBA)

Maxillo-faciale réhabilitation and posture

– Impact of the temporomandibular joint on posture

– Bruxism

– Temporomandibular disorders


– Mastication examination with the podiaxp program

– Palpation of the masticatory device

– Postural tests

– Use of the active buccal pacifer (TBA) and Active buccal orthotic (OBA)

Following numerous requests, training will be interactive, mainly focused on different practical to allow you to use the active tools directly within your dental practice.

A multidisciplinary approach with clinical kinépod is possible and achievable.