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Active eyes board is used for the rehabilitation of oculomotor muscles.
Two levels of difficulty (2 boards)

Active eyes board


Vertical way
Horizontal way


• strengthen the oculomotor muscles
• rehabilitate the coordination of oculomotor muscles
• Improve the oculomotor proprioception.
• Adjust the position in descending chain


Active eyes board is placed against the patient’s nose, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the desired muscular work.
The patient should see two lines that intersect at two points of the same color.

The patient must try to move the intersection of these two lines on the other points, so as to work the ocular convergence and divergence. It is easier to work out the center line, and then the difficulty can be increased by working on other lines (top, bottom, left and right).
If the patient fails crossing the two lines that distinguishes these lines separately, it is desirable that it starts working one side (closing or hiding the opposite eye).