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David FIEGEN (European runner-up over 800 m in 2006) also wears kinepod “active” insoles. 


“Kinepod insoles have an amazing ability to realign your posture and ensure perfect movement when running. Having shock absorbers on your feet is a great feeling!”


Berthon S. (46 years old – nurse): “Wearing Kinepod insoles is so comfortable! They make everything feel so light.”


Sanitier F. (37 years old – pharmacist): “Running with shock absorbers is awesome! My back pain is gone for good and it’s all thanks to my Kinepod inoles!”


Cordier I. (69 years old – retired workman): “Walking on hard insoles gave me knee pain. But it’s all ancient history since I got my Kinepod insoles. And they’re so comfortable!


Higuet J. (16 years old): “Finally!! Orthopaedic insoles that correct without hurting your feet. I wouldn’t change my Kinepod insoles for anything in the whole wide world!”


Siquet E. (29 years old – professional athlete): Kinepod insoles are the 1st ever shock absorbers for people. I feel confident saying: it’s a huge step forward!”


Denoyers J. (49 years old – orthopedic surgeon): “The results with children are outstanding!” I wholeheartedly recommend my patients use Kinepod insoles.”


Philippe. C. (31 years old – kinesiotherapist): “Kinepody is a scientific revolution! It’s such a joy to finally identify the mechanical causes for my patients’ suffering.”


Huet J. (54 years old – osteopath): “The impact thats Kinepod insoles have on posture is quite surprising!”


Béatrice Gigaux (49 years old – hairdresser): “I have been wearing kinepod insoles for 3 years and I’m delighted. It all started because of serious pain in my lower back. My osteopath didn’t think it was normal for me to need treatment between one and two times every month, that’s why he suggested Kinepod insoles. I’ve had almost no back pain since I’ve been wearing them. All I have to do is go see my osteopath once a year for a check-up. I’m over the moon that he thought of my well-being and found the cause of my problems.”


Denys F. (41 years old – engineer): “Thanks to the kinepod insoles, I’ve seen amazing changes in my 10 year old son. Before he began wearing the kinepod insoles, he stumbled frequently and was almost among the last in his class when running. As soon as he started wearing them it was like magic! He is now one of the fastest boys in his age group and is a member of an athletics club. His stumbling stopped on the very first day with the Kinepod insoles. Having seen this spectacular improvement in my son, I also decided to start wearing magic insoles…I had knee problems, you see, but after two months they vanished. Thank you to the kinepod laboratory.”


Sosson P. (30 years old – paediatrician): “I went to see a friend, a kinesiotherapist because of cervical pain. I suffered repetitive torticollis. My friend suggested having kinepodic tests. He tested me with a pair of kinepod “test” insoles and, strangely enough, the insoles made it easier for me to turn my head! After this astounding test I took his advice and ordered a set of made-to-measure insoles from the Kinepod laboratory. I admit I didn’t really think a pair of insoles could have an effect on my neck. But after just a few weeks all of the pain was gone! I now only suffer torticollis very rarely! I can’t explain the effect the kinepod insoles have on my body, but I can confirm how effective they are! I’m planning on taking kinepody training to solve the mystery!”


Hustin Y. (56 years old – social worker): “It is such a joy to wear such comfortable insoles. I have been wearing orthopaedic insoles for 15 years and I’ve never had such a pleasant sensation under my feet as with kinepod insoles. And I didn’t even need any adaptation time. I immediately felt good in the kinepod insoles. It is a very particular feeling, as if the kinepod insoles had adapted to my feet! When I used to wear orthopaedic insoles produced by orthopaedists, I always felt that my feet were being forced to adapt to the contours of the insoles. My doctor originally prescribed orthopaedic insoles to improve the circulation in my legs. Of all of the orthopaedic insoles ever made for me, it is the kinepod insoles that have been most satisfying. My legs have never felt so light as with kinepod insoles. Combining effectiveness and comfort is the best of both worlds! As an anecdote, my GP told me that after seeing my results and those of other patients, he had a set of insoles made by the Kinepod laboratory and he is thrilled!”


W. B. (29 years old – professional footballer): “Thank you again to the Kinepod laboratory for their wonderful care. My kinepod insoles have made it possible for me to continue working as a professional footballer. I had to stop taking to the pitch for 5 months because of a groin injury. None of the treatments I tried worked. Thanks to wearing these “active” insoles I was able to avoid an operation and my club renewed my contract… Football isn’t just my profession, it’s my life! My case has been a lesson also. My trainer now suggests a kinepodic examination whenever a player is injured!”


Dolto G. (profession not stated – 42 years old). Your mouth guard helped me enormously. It provides relief to my neck and migraines. I feel better the moment I pop it in my mouth.


Bourgeois M. (jogger – 56 years old). I have been running with the OBA for 3 months and my physical condition has improved already. It’s a great help!


Jennae N. (nurse – 61 years old). I gave an active mouth guard to my husband for his snoring. The results have been out of this world. Finally I can enjoy a good night’s sleep. And he also feels fresher in the morning.


Grégoire C. (nurse – 32 years old). My daughter has been using the active soother for 3 months. She doesn’t suck her thumb at all any more and her teeth look straighter to me. She accepted it without any problems.


>Cindy D. (school teacher – 41 years old). The orthodontic soother is wonderful. My daughter chews it on her own, her teeth are beautiful and my dentist has confirmed her good progress.


Nemery D. (bank employee – 36 years old). On our ophthalmologist’s advice, my little boy has been working with your ocular board for several months. His head was tilted to the right because of a weakness in the eye muscles. Now everything is back to normal after the treatment. Thank you


Amar J.(Pianist – 42 years old). I’ve been wearing the mouth guard and the active insole at the same time since June 2011. Since then, I’ve never again had back or head pains. I’ll never be able to thank my doctor enough for sending me to a kinepod clinic.


Hulter K. (civil servant– 43 years old). I bought the insoles in 2009 and a mouth orthosis in 2010. Thanks to the insoles, the pain I had in my left knee has completely disappeared. I had to wear a mouth orthosis to relieve my back pain. It took me 2 months to adapt to the insoles, my muscles were sore because of how much they were working. Now I can go without the insoles from time to time without any great difficulty.


Robin S.(employee – 54 years old). I have been running using my kinepodic insoles for two years. After spraining my right ankle, my kinepodist prescribed straps that I had to add to my insoles for sport. It’s great. I have a light, stable feeling and the propulsion is amazing. You really have to try them to feel the difference. I’m happy to go running every day just to feel those sensations again and again. Add the straps and it’s really out of this world. Try them! You’ll see.


François H. (employee – 40 years). My mum (71 years old) now walks normally again and without pain thanks to the kinepodic insoles. And we had lost all hope! A huge thank you for your skills.


Bettencourt I. (employee – 60 years old): Your insoles are amazing, I’m thrilled. Justins K (student – 26 years old): an amazing product, I love them.


Gigs S. (handball player – 29 years old): I don’t get strains now thanks to your insoles and straps. I couldn’t go without them. François JB (jogger – 36 years old): amazing quality and after-sale care.


Acur J. (CEO – 45 years old): 10 years of useless suffering. After kinepodic rehabilitation, it all stopped. I rave about your products whenever I can. Thank you so much.


Kerkin D. (profession and age not stated): My son runs faster with your insoles. It’s amazing, I would never have thought it possible with insoles !


Mengels E (chiropractor, 45 years old): I have had unbelievable results with my patients. Patients love the feeling created by the insoles. The oba is staggering for tinnitus and migraines.


De Sousa P Ekinesiologist, 33 years old): a colleague trained by your company used the Otte method on me. It brought relief where many osteo and chiro sessions hadn’t. Very shortly I’ll be doing a kinepodic assessment to correct all of my problems.


Albertine J. : You have to see it to believe it. Then you have to try it to feel it. Surprising but very comfortable. Enjoy!


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