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The Kinepod laboratory is designed to produce rehabilitation devices for the human body. Through in-depth research that brought together specialised treatments such as orthopedic medicine, kinesiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractics, posturology, and podology, the Kinepod laboratory first created the “active” orthopaedic insole with postural and dynamic advantages. The insole is a first in the medical world! It respects the physiology of the foot so well, that its benefits go far beyond the foot to the rest of the body. Then, the Kinepod laboratory developed the active mouth orthosis (OBA) and the active ocular board. These two therapeutic devices have now become essential for maxillofacial and ocular rehabilitation.


It took many years of research to create these active treatment tools (insole, mouth orthosis and ocular board) and we can now train movement therapists in a new specialisation: kinepody-orthokinesis (TM). This training allows therapists to be sure they are providing the most suitable treatment to each patient.


During kinepody training, therapists learn to diagnose problems in the body and their consequences on it, and to provide their patients with suitable treatment through Kinepod laboratory-produced rehabilitation devices.


In short, the Kinepod laboratory offers its services to train therapists in a new specialisation focused on body dynamics, and by producing rehabilitation devices.


Active kinepod devices… in harmony with all medical therapies.